Sauna Refreshment

Saunas can be ordered for food and drinks in advance. The sauna department has A-rights.

Saunas (orders for at least 6 people)

Sausage and potato salad 15 € / person
Includes 3 sausages / person

Nachos and dippian plants 20 € / person
Going to the tacove and eating with melon

Dipper set L, G € 9.00 / person
Vegetables: celery, carrots, cucumber and paprika, cornflakes and sweet chili and garlic juice

Hodari L 10,00 € / person
Hot Dog Roll, Bratwurst Sausage, Coleslaw Cabbage Salad, Dried Onion, Mustard Crawfish and Ketchup

Sauna salad table 12,00 € / person
Pesto-flavored chicken-pasta salad L & Tomato-mozzarella salad G, bread sort and spread

House platter L, G 13.00 € / person
Chorizo ​​sausage, meatballs, wedges and sweet peppers

Wartime L, G 16.00 € / person
Green salad, baguette and spread

Saunas will be charged according to the number ordered.
Package reservations must be made no later than three business days in advance.
The exact number of employees should also be announced no later than three business days in advance.
Reservations by e-mail or 09 799 755.

sauna Drinks
Soft drinks, mineral water 4 € / bottle 0.5l
III beer 5 € / bottle 0.33l
IV beer 5,50 € / bottle 0,33 l
Ciders 7 € / bottle 0,33l
Long drink 6,50 € / bottle 0,33l
Drinks ordered for the sauna will be charged according to the opened bottles.
We recommend our sauna packages in the Trade Counsel Package and the Tervansavu Sauna Package .