Lunch list week 10

Finland Park Hotel Helsinki
The standing lunch table is covered on weekdays between 11:00 and 14:00.
The day's lunch includes soup, salad, two main hot dishes and coffee / tea.
Lunch from the day at the standing table 9,90 € (for pensioners 12: 00-14: 00 8,90 €).
The day's cooking lunch (including soup, salad and coffee / tea) € 9.

Monday 5.3.
Pancakes, caramelized onion & cream sauce (L)
Falafel steaks & fresh yogurt sauce (G, L)
Full-bodied coconut soup (G, VEG) & garlic chicken
Fried potatoes (G, VEG)

Tuesday 6.3.
Hamstick (L)
A fried lime juice with chicken & yogurt sauce (G, M)
The Grandmaster of the Quarter (G, VEG)
Wild Goose & Vegetable (G, VEG)

Wednesday 7.3.
Nail sauce (L)
Wallenberg's Fish Pies & Dill Mayonnaise (M)
Tomato Soup (G, VEG) & Garlic Pump (G, VL)
Muonio & Cabbage (G, L)

Thursday 8.3.
Stroganoff (G, L)
Spinach-feta stuffed chicken (G, L)
Traditional Peanut Butter & Gherkins (G, VEG)
Herbs & Roasted Root (G, VEG)
Park's Pancake with Strawberry Lobster & Whipped Cream (L)

Friday 9.3.
Pork Bread & Bbq Sauce (G, M)
Spicy potato-lentil steaks (G, M)
Creamy Fish Soup (G, L)
Juicespyree (G, L) & Fried Vegetables (G, VEG)

V = vegan, VL = low lactose, L = lactose free, G = gluten-free, M = milk-free

We reserve the right to make changes.